Make maps on iPhone, iPad and Android mobiles

Make maps on your iPhone, iPad or Android device

Click2Map Mobile helps you create and manage advanced online maps from your iPhone, iPad or Android device.

Click2Map Mobile is a free application allowing you to consult, update, create and manage all your maps from any location.

Click2Map Mobile for iPhone and iPad

It's never been easier to create personalized maps with your own points of interest and organize them into customizable groups with the visual representation of your choosing: Click2Map Mobile was designed just for that purpose!

Click2Map Mobile is a free mobile application for iPhone, iPad and Android devices developed by the creators of the Click2Map online mapping service: all the maps, groups, points of interest and photos created with the mobile application are accessible with the browser based application and vice-versa.

Create maps and add your own points of interest, wherever you are

Create rich markers including text and photos

Easilly add photos to your markers by selecting them from your phone library or by taking new ones with your mobile phone. GPS positioning additionaly ensures precise geolocation of your professional and personal photos.

Automatically generate markers when you're on the move

The Timer feature automatically generates markers when you move: a new marker is regularly created whenever a change in location is detected.

Personalize your maps with your own markers

Click2Map Mobile allows you to create personalized markers with your own information and custom icons - you're free to choose from the included icon library or to use your own icons.

Organize your markers into easy to navigate groups

Click2Map Mobile allows you to organize your markers into fully customizable groups and subgroups.
Groups make working with large marker quantities quicker and more efficient.

Main Click2Map Mobile features

  • Create and manage mobile maps from your iPhone, iPad and Android devices
  • Organize your personal or professional points of interest into groups
  • Seamlessly edit your maps and markers from the mobile app and the online Click2Map service
  • Customize your points of interest by taking advantage of the included icon libraries
  • Use the timer to automatically create markers at specific time intervals
  • Create a POI at your present GPS location and manually fine-tune its position if needed
  • Create POIs at any location on the map by manually positioning them
  • Create POIs by geolocating any street address
  • Create POIs directly from their coordinates (decimal and/or degrees)
  • Easily create rich POIs including photos - each POI has it own photo gallery
Click2Map Mobile is the ideal companion application to the Click2Map Editor: it allows you have permanent access to your maps and data even when you're on the road to visit clients or places. The mobile application allows to check a marker's position on the spot, to add information and photos taken on location. If you need to make professional surveys, check properties, etc., Click2Map Mobile is what you need.
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